We will meet at the kafenion after breakfast at 10,00. We will visit bakery and local grocery store on our way to Fabrika, an old picturesque, partly renovated olive mill. There we will prepare several appetizers (meze) and main dishes. We´ll learn about olive oils and the philosophy behind the Cretan food. We will finish at around 1600.

Symposium is a warm acquaintance with Cretan way of living. In the course of the day the participants will be guided by a philosopher to the Cretan way of thinking , bake pies, prepare dolmades, (wine leaves filled with rice and herbs) and natural cosmetics). Depending on the season the guests will have the chance to participate in seasonal activities, for example picking grapes in autumn. Meal is served at long tables, accompanied by music and dancing. Depending on the season Symposium will be held either at day time or evening time. The event lasts for about 5,5 hours.

The Symposium, the Lazy day (a Cretan Diet program) and the grape harvest are three different programs that combine small tours and explorations of Cretan life, cuisine, culture, philosophy, music, the past and present of the island. Those programs take place in the old Fabrica, the estate with the small theater, the philosopher’s corner and the romantic corner of the organic olive grove and vegetable garden.