Our philosophy

“Fabrica” provides a chance for the visitors to get familiar with agriculture, its culture and its authentic features, to get involved in the rural activities, to taste local products and traditional cuisine and to get to know locals’ everyday life. “Fabrica” intends to bring the visitor in touch with nature, rural activities, where he can participate, entertain himself and feel the joy of discovery and knowledge!

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Watch, learn, enjoy!

Cooking Classes

With the help of local and experienced housewives and the participants, we prepare traditional recipes with fresh and local ingredients.

Grape Harvest

The smells are floating on the air and the must starts flowing under our feet, while the women of the village are preparing treats.

Wild Greens

The weekly program combines the culinary usage of wild greens in different villages of Apokoronas with the history and culture of every area.

The village

Some info on the area

Vamos is a village in the prefecture of Chania, built at the foothills of the White Mountains. It is a very interesting settlement and was proposed by the Ministry of Environment to be designated as a traditional one. Vamos is located 25 km from the beautiful city of Chania. The city of Rethymno is only 35 km away and the distance between the capital city of Crete, Heraklion, and Fabrica is about 112 km.

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