Grape Harvest

The grape harvest is being held during the first ten days of September. Participants can be either groups of people or individuals, who are interested in living the experience of harvesting!

The meeting point to start our activities will be the vineyard of Frantzeskakis family, wich is located at Kasteli, an area between Kalyves and Almyrida. In the vineyard is being cultivated mostly the local variety Romeiko, a Cretan variety which gives lively red wines with high alcohol content, average acidity and variable color.

The grape harvest starts and lasts about 1 hour. Then follows the picnic- a light snack along with Tsikoudia (Raki) that will help to regain power. Later on, we return to the family’s farm (Fabrica Farm) and the grape-stomping starts in the traditional way! The smells are floating on the air and the must starts flowing under our feet, while the women of the village are preparing treats. The first must is being collected in order to produce Petimezi (molasses) and then we get to prepare the food. The day closes with a rich, traditional meal, with plenty of local wine, along with music, dance and singing!

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