Our Farm

Entering a house is like entering a family…

The Frantzeskakis family welcomes you with arms wide open in “Fabrica Farm”! Here you will get to know the everyday life of the locals; and you will be a part of it! Welcome in family’s organic olive grove, with fruit trees and vegetables, birds and farm animals, flowers and herbs, where smells and colors recall another era. Among these you will find a small stone-built theatre, where you may meet a philosopher declaiming or reciting a poem. On other day, you may meet mr. Nikos while baking homemade bread or cooking in the traditional firewood oven next to the barbeque, and miss Lola collecting eggs or picking some fresh vegetables. You may accompany her and collect some herbs and wild greens from the garden and make a homemade pie or pick some fresh oranges or other fruits to make marmalades or spoon sweets. You will feed the farm animals and you can pet the dogs or play with the cats, since they are all so friendly. You may enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness while sited at the Romantic Corner or lying in a hammock. Listen carefully to what the old olive trees have to say… hear their whispers in the air. You will get to know the secrets of Cretan cuisine while preparing a delicious table. We eat all together around a large table, with good friends so that we will dance and sing.

This is how life in Crete looks like.
What do you think… will you join us?

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