Experiential workshop of soapmaking

“Stories from an olive tree”: an experiential workshop, which lasts approximately 3 hours and it’s being held through the whole year. Learn how to make handmade soap with the traditional method and with pure ingredients. Based on the olive oil- which is being produced by Frantzeskakis’ family in their biological cultivated olive grove- and on a big variety of essential oils and herbs, we are making the soap of our preference.

We start with a walk around the olive grove and the farm of Frantzeskakis family, “Fabrica Farm”. We‘ll get to know about olive trees and their products, the different olive varieties, and we’ll learn about the properties of some aromatic plants that we will use in our soap recipes. Afterwards, we will create handmade soap with the traditional method, a procedure that lasts about 1,5 hour. During the procedure, we will talk about the different soap making methods and we will provide information about the other ingredients that we will use too. While we are waiting for our soap to get ready, we will enjoy a variety of herbal beverages and we’ll learn about their benefits to our health. Leaving the workshop you are getting, except knowledge, a soap of your choice!

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